In Katie's Eyes

In Katie's Eyes

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Katrina had so much fun on her birthday last Friday! We went to the adoption lawyer's office. She played with all the attorneys and legal assistants - seriously. They were all ogling over her and gave her a full tour of the office. She then shut the door in all of their faces when she wanted our meeting to begin. (Shutting doors is one of her VERY FAVORITE things to do.) Then, Mean Mommy took her to her pediatrician for her shots. She made me feel badly, but was giggly and walking around as soon as we were back out in the waiting room. :) Then, of course the birthday weekend began. She's only celebrated with Mommy and Daddy and her 'puppy brothers' so far. But, cake is all she cared about. :) Julie

We're still here.

Ok, so Christmas has gone by... and YES, Katrina is now 1 year old!!!

Here are a whole bunch of pics! Random of course! :) Julie