In Katie's Eyes

In Katie's Eyes

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Top Things I Love about my daughter

The top ? things I love about our Katrina - however many I get done until she wakes up from her nap.

1.She thinks everything is hers. Pretty typical toddler stuff. But it gets a little humorous when she starts pushing you off the toilet, saying, "my potty, me pee pee", even if you JUST LET HER GO before you. (At least she can be reasoned with - a little.)

2.Everything and Anything can prompt her to sing a song and then change her song to a different song mid-song. (A letter -The alphabet song), (a candle or fire - Happy Birthday,)the word "dear", or picture of a dear, (Oh dear, what can the matter be) You get it.

3.She lets us hold her before bed. And she has to know where everyone is and what they are doing, and that she will get to eat the next day, before she will settle down and get into her crib. Its kinda like this ....Katrina says, "Daddy, Popo, Tobey, cracker, cup." I say, "Daddy's going to go to bed soon. Popo and Tobey are laying down. You can have crackers tomorrow. Mommy will put your cup in the fridge for tomorrow." Then, she'll lay down and go to sleep. Just like that. I envy that her list is so short.

4.I still love how she holds "Hophop", her bunny.

5.Sometimes she has to sleep with extra things in her crib, like the last thing she played with. ie, ball-popper, big rubber balls, books, see-n-say.

6.In the morning, when she wakes, She throws, actually, chucks everything out of her crib. And then she calls for me or Daddy. If we don't answer right away, she calls for Tobey and PoPo, and then, Hophop who she just flung out of the crib.

7.I love still, when she waits to get our attention and then does things on purpose and then says, "oops" or "uh ohhh"

8.I love when we tell her she has to finish her dinner before she can have a cookie and she immediately calls, "Popo, Tobey" and looks at us so innocently as if we can't hear her or see what she is up to.

9.I love that everytime she passes flowers she wants to pick one. Sometimes we plan to give it to someone. Unless it is for one of her grandmothers, she changes her mind and says, "MINE" and "NO", when I remind her it is for someone else.

10. I love that she ALWAYS thinks I am funny when I laugh at my own jokes and she pretends to get all the jokes I tell her.

11. I love that she is concerned when other little ones cry.

12. I love how she is her own little person, already. She makes me beam.


Wondering when you will find us said...

Too sweet!

Sue said...

Such a sweet post!

wsweden said...

I just love your writing. It is always from the heart.

Colette said...

Love it! Call me tomorrow I am home from work!