In Katie's Eyes

In Katie's Eyes

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Transformation

It was a busy weekend with a lot of hair-doing involved. On Friday evening, I was sooo impressed with Katie as she let me wash, part, braid and bead her hair. With some cheerios, all the tightly closed ziploc bags of beads and snaps on the floor, a brush and toys piled high all around her, I only had to do a few braids to as she crawled or stood to get "on the go". Well, as I was finishing the maybe a bit early, but I thought quite cute, halloween-do, we got a phone call regarding a family death. Yeah, a funeral. (No one real close, so excuse my continuation of my obsession with my daughter's hair without another word of, I think, Katrina's Great Great Great Uncle who passed.)

I think I was so tickled with my work and my, umm, I mean, Katrina's, new beads that it wasn't until hours later that I realized, .... OH, I suppose the beaded words, "ghost" and "boo" probably aren't appropriate for the occasion. So, Katrina sat again. She was soooo good. Not, quite as still. We took 3 sittings to switch the beads and separate a few braids into two. I can't really blame her for being a bit annoyed. Its funny, I think she knows by now that if she lets me fix her hair, I shouldn't be allowed to fuss with it again for several days, (except for spraying it and a little tending). Within a short time was transformed from very scary Halloween Babe back into Princess Katrina. I really have to admire her for her amazing flexibility.


Anonymous said...

I admire your amazing beading talent!
Sadie loves her beads, and I figured out how to use the easy beader needle thing, but she won't wear her hair beaded to school. She's worried about rest time and laying on her mat with the strands of beads in. This is not rational as she wears multiple ponytails (three today) and doesn't even think about rest time. She's a kook.

I love these pictures. Especially the one where Katie is drooling more than the dog! :)


MyKidsMom said...

And a Princess she is! Great work, Mom.

Colette said...

I love her hair!!! You did a great job! Impressive!!! hugs

terilynnh2000 said...

Very cute! She has a ton of hair! :)