In Katie's Eyes

In Katie's Eyes

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Way back in April, We went to the Circus with Grandma and Grandpa. Here are the pics! All of Katie, of course.! Looking at them, I realize how much she has changed in just 3 mos.! Oh, and the guy in the last pic next to Grandma is not Grandpa. Katie just kept trying to play "beep beep" on his nose, so we caught him in a shot. :)

of tails and belly button stickers

Hi all,

Its been a long while!! I'll have to post some pics to catch up. We are on to the comedy of potty training. We have a book that Katie loves and she gets a sticker every time she "goes". There is a chart, but lately, she puts the sticker on her belly button, and securely pats her shirt down over it. She shows it proudly to anyone she thinks might be interested.

We have some equipment confusions as Katie wants to stand up and aim and has done quite well with this in the bath tub. She has also labeled daddy's "equipment" as "tail". Daddy says, Katie, tails are in the back." Ohhh, so many things to learn. We are trying to clear up some of these innocent misunderstandings before she is scarred for life.